Prepare a Better Pitch. Achieve Greater Outcomes.

Pitch Planner is a Canvas that helps you create a pitch that truly meets your audience’s needs and generates the outcomes you desire.

Simple. Universal. Functional

Works with any topic, in any context. Proven with humans!

Audience comes first!

Don’t focus just on what you want to say to them. This hardly leads to outcomes. The pitch is for them, not for you!

Begin with the end in mind!

In a short-pitch, you need to include a long-term vision that connects what you want with what they need.

Why you?

Not everybody will know why you are relevant to deliver this message. Make it crystal clear in your pitch!

Don't forget your ask!

You’d be surprised how many speakers leave their audience literally wondering ‘what do I do next?

Why PitchPlanner?

We believe that better communication will save the world!

Get Funded

Plan a pitch that will get you funded. It is not about the most beautiful powerpoint presentation. It is not about how brilliant your product is. It is about telling a story they can relate to.

Attract Talent

Big ambitious change needs to be driven by ambitious and talented people. How does your pitch fit with what they want to achieve?

Grow Sales

Customers are picky. They will pick you if they buy into your vision. Not just features, not just benefit and not just value - that is all expected now. To stand out you need to hook them to your 'why'.

Build Partnerships

Your impact will be amplified by the right partnerships. Distributors, franchisors, funders, researchers, advisors, etc. - they all can add significant value. If your pitch is tailored to their needs.

Small Team. Big Dreams.

We care about innovation, design, technology and clarity in communication. We believe that ambitious entrepreneurs will change the world. PitchPlanner will empower you to have greater impact.

Petr Adamek
Business Growth Advisor

Takes complicated things and makes them sound simple. Totally focused on results.

Vanessa Clark
Technology Advisor

Enjoyes challenging roles and takes pride in creating and managing high performing teams.

Matt Currie
Service Designer

Loves service challenges. Strives to look for the perfect solution to ideal user experience.

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